To oil cleanse or not to oil cleanse? #GOLDENUDE

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With the many, many types of facial cleansers out there, it may be hard to decide which suits you best. There’s foam, gel, soap, even dry cleansers. There are exfoliants and scrubs, toners and splashes.

And then there’s oil.

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Washing your face with oil has become a wildly popular beauty trend, encouraged by celebs and beauty gurus alike. But is it for everyone?

Psst, yes it is! Regardless of your particular skin situation (dry, oily, normal, combination), there’s definitely an oil-cleansing method that will work for you.

Because oil cleansers have natural oils as base that mixes with the preexisting oils already on your face, they can help remove the “bad oils” you don’t want on your face! When massaged onto the skin, oils in the cleanser bind to surface impurities and allow them to be comfortably rinsed away leaving the skin clean, soft and hydrated. A lot of oil-free cleansers strip our skin of natural oils, leaving it unbalanced and causing it to produce more oil to rebalance it. Excess production equals more problematic skin. Oil cleansers keep the skin’s natural pH balance, and prevents it from having a production overload. Plus, essential oils are naturally antibacterial.

Refer down below for a tldr of the benefits of oil cleansers:

  • Natural oil is fantastic for your skin, and works for many people to clear up acne, combat dryness, and maintain a radiant glow.
  • It’s super natural and whisks away makeup in a flash.
  • It doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils.
  • If you use this nightly, you may not need to spring for pricey moisturizers anymore.
Ah, such are the marvels of natural oils, Goldenuders... Don’t forget to flush and shine!

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