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We’ve all said something stupid or regretful before, so we know how much worse it is when you feel that sudden heat in your face and realize your cheeks are visibly burning red. Blushing is something we fear so much that once we know that we’re doing it, there’s a vicious circle. We feel even more embarrassed, and the blushing gets worse. Researchers have found that simply being told that you’re blushing when you’re not really is enough to make you blush even more.

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Well.. is blushing normal? How do our body works exactly? When you're embarrassed, your body releases adrenaline. This hormone acts as a natural stimulant and has an array of effects on your body that are all part of the fight-or-flight response. Adrenaline speeds up your breathing and heart rate to prepare you to run from danger. Then your blood circulation goes faster because it needs a good amount of oxygen. The veins in your face respond to a signal from the chemical transmitter which tells the veins to allow the adrenaline to do its magic. As a result, the veins in your face dilate, allowing more blood to flow through them than usual, creating the reddened appearance that tells others you're embarrassed. Tl;dr adrenaline causes more local blood flow in your cheeks.
But then, is blushing good for us? Because i can absolutely relate the feeling of near death situation when I am in the middle of embarrassment. Fear no more because it has been scientifically proven that people who are physically fit have more of these blood vessels and flush easier than people who are unhealthy, unfit, elderly or smokers. So if someone point out that you are blushing  it is a good reminder that you are fairly healthy and glowing from the inside.
For the rest of us, blushing is simply unpleasant. So perhaps we should start thinking of it as a social asset. The next time you say something stupid and feel the blood rushing to your face, remember that you’re just showing your friends that you understand your mistake, and that you adhere to the social values of your group. They’ll probably like you all the more for it.

Have a great Monday girls! Flush and shine!
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