Introducing our variants! #GOLDENUDE

11:05 PM

Happy Friday and cheers to the weekend ahead, Goldenbelles and Goldenuders!

     We have something really exciting up on the blog for you beauties today. If you don’t already know, our products are now available for purchase via our LINE@ and Instagram. You can get your very own très pigmented but not to forget also very natural blush papers! So without further ado, let’s welcome to the blog:

Shade 1: Coral Crepe

     As fresh as a coral, as indulgent as a crepe. This shade represents your cheerfulness from within just like how a good dessert can cheer you up!

Shade 2: Hazelnut Velvet

     For the remembrance of the buttery high-tasting nut, we want you to experience this shade of elegance through hazelnut shade. It’s a versatile color to use for both blusher or bronzer.

Shade 3: Wine Burgundy

     Serious yet sophisticated, shade of burgundy is definitely a yes for a meeting, a party, or even a date! Let’s own the stage and own that glamorous look with our wine shade.

Shade 4: Berry Rose

     Just like in a field of roses but with a hint of berry to stain your cheek. Berry Rose might be the perfect blush for your everyday look!

     For a guide on which color your skin will rock, refer to our blogpost regarding skin undertone here! (psst, or you can always play around and experiment with all four!) With four very versatile shades, there’s no longer any excuse to not flush and shine whilst hustling, beauties! Till next time ❤

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