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Cleansing foams are what evolved from the usual soaps that our ancestors have widely used in the olden days.  The chemical structures of soaps that include glycerine, fatty acids, and fats, were made clear sometime in the 1800’s and this paved the way for the facial cleansers we commonly refer to today.
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It was Dove who originally introduced facials creams and promoted the concept of the beauty bar.  Today, lots of beauty industries took it to the next level with cleansing foams packed with a whole lot of nutritious ingredients for the skin.

Cleansing foams are very important in our everyday beauty regimen.  It is almost what you can consider the foundation of your beauty regimen.  You cannot expect the other products to work great if you have impurities and dirt sitting in your skin.  Cleansing foams are known to have maximum benefits if the skin if used in conjunction with sheet mask.

You should wash your face twice a day. You may be diligent about washing your face before you hit the hay, but what about in the a.m.? Even if your skin doesn’t feel dirty, don’t forgo a morning stop at the sink. “You’re getting rid of the natural oils that have built-up overnight, as well as any residue from products you applied before bed,” says Rouleau. This gives you a clean palate so that whatever you use in the morning−most importantly, sunscreen−can penetrate and work effectively, she adds.

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