Why Blush Without Brush #GOLDENUDE

7:15 PM

Happy Friday, gorgeous! Today, we have some food for thought:

They say beauty is more trouble than it's worth, so the Goldenude team have decided to test that theory out.

It’s most definitely an added chore for us draw on fleek makeup every morning, but we can’t deny it’s definitely worth the hassle. After all, a fabulous self grants you an added boost of confidence for you to slay all day ;)
However, we’d also stand to agree that too many of our pet peeves are makeup related. It is personally very annoying for us to finally save up and purchase that super glowy highlighter when we accidentally break it when squeezing it in our bag. Or how about a friend of ours unabashedly grabs our favorite lippie to try on their lips when you shudder even thinking about the germs?! Alas, what we end up doing is usually giving stuffing that broken, dirty, or used product deep in our makeup pouch and never using it ever again...

...which is why Goldenude is the perfect solution for all you makeup enthusiasts out there who value a longer lasting and more efficient product! Introducing Goldenude; the first paper based blusher in Indonesia that brings you efficiency, hygiene, and ease of use to a whole new level. So even for the micro and nano sized bags you may be bringing out to town, you can still look as flushed and glowy as ever! Besides being priced competitively, Goldenude’s blushers also come in a variety of colors, so you most definitely need not worry about picking the wrong shade.

Goldenude: your trustee blush without brush.

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