Why Brushes are Not Necessary... #GOLDENUDE

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Ever looked at a makeup brush and thought ‘fancy, but what the heck is it for?’. If you’ve ever had even the smallest niggle of doubt on the subject; ‘should I spend that much?’ ‘What is it actually made of?’ ‘How do I use it?’, you’ve come to the right place!
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For all my sisters (and brothers) out there, Golden Nude will share a few rationales on how makeup brushes may not be the holy grail we all deem it to be. Imagine scenario:
  1. When you’re running late...
But still need everything baking on your face to be on fleek, you may want to skip the brushes. While brushes offer precision and gives our profile an airbrush effect that we all love, when we’re tight on time, every second of makeup applying counts. Forget picking out the exact angular brush. Forget choosing between synthetic or real hair brushes. All you’d have to do is wash your hands and apply whatever beauty products directly to your clean fingers and you’re ready to get gorgeous.
2.  When you have to clean them…
Raise your hand if the part you dread most in your beauty routine is cleaning up all your makeup brushes. We know you can always skip it, but ugh, who wants to get old makeup and germs on their skin, right?  I’m sure we could all live without having to clean every last one of our eye shadow, blush, contour, powder and foundation brushes.
3. When you’re on a budget…
Decisions, decisions! Should you get that new Sigma tapered brush or should you get that new LBD you saw on sale online. Ah, makeup brushes. We pay good money for them and often times wouldn’t pay them much attention as long as they get the job done. However, it’s no secret makeup brushes may get a little too pricey at times. Pro tip: invest in a few staple brushes, and skip the rest. Blusher for example, can be applied to the apples of your cheeks with just a paper! *hint hint

At the end of the day, makeup application methods depend on the formulation of product you’re using and the kind of finish you want. There’s no right or wrong method, it’s what works best for each one of us. However, we’re sure we can all find it rewarding if we can get our makeup on fleek, without all the above stated hassle :)

Have an awesome week and shine on, lovelies!

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