Skin v. City! #GOLDENUDE

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City lights, buzzing vibes, glamorous life...

     Ah, such is the promise of a bustling city that never sleeps. It may seem super glamorous and enticing to be an urban dweller, however when you move to a city, there are naturally some sacrifices to be made. Not to complain about it or anything—the thrill of adventure takes us to brighter, louder, more expensive places—but it's important to go into city-living with your eyes open. You’ll most likely live in a tiny apartment, spend a fresh ton of money, and expose yourself to lots of stress that could have been avoided if you had stayed the suburbs (unless of course, if you’re a Kardashian).

     Urban dwellers are exposed to heavier concentrations of pollutants. Because beyond having to navigate a two-story penthouse when all you need is toothpaste, really, there are also different skincare concerns for city folk. Things like protection against free radicals, ozone, and floating debris (!). If the air around us isn't conspiring to kill us, at the very least, it could be leading to your acne and pre-mature aging. But before you do, it would be wise to know what you're defending against…

     Free radicals are reactive molecules created as byproducts of other processes, like photodamage and cigarette smoke. As a result, our skin cells become less happy, and prone to age us and dry us out quicker. And because UV rays are a big trigger for cell mutation, it is imperative to protect our skin with SPF.  Besides the all-important sunscreen, ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin E, argan oil, green tea, etc can also act as excellent anti-oxidants for your skin. The idea is protect the rest of your cells from free radical damage, while also preventing the formation of new free radicals.

     Few things substitute a killer eye cream like regular sleep and exercise, especially if you find yourself in a high-intensity city, but if you can afford a country house, maybe do that, too J

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